Suitable for Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens.

Vanquish Slime and Mould with BactiBarrier Slime & Mould Assassin

Embrace a realm where gleaming surfaces reign supreme. Bid farewell to lingering slime and mould with BactiBarrier Slime & Mould Assassin, your unwavering ally in maintaining a pristine environment.

Experience the pinnacle of slime and mould eradication with BactiBarrier Slime & Mould Assassin! Our advanced formula obliterates these unwelcome invaders effortlessly, leaving your surfaces spotless and free from spores and fungi.

At BactiBarrier, we're committed to providing effective solutions without harming the planet. Our eco-friendly formula ensures you can banish slime and mould with peace of mind, knowing you're contributing to a healthier environment.

Here's the best part – BactiBarrier Slime & Mould Assassin goes beyond just targeting slime and mould. It acts as your personal shield against unwanted spores, swiftly neutralizing them and leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

Our assassin leaves no residue behind. No need to worry about harsh chemicals lingering after use. Simply let your surfaces air dry with the confidence that they are free from any unwanted traces.

Join the fight against slime, mould, and spores with BactiBarrier Slime & Mould Assassin. Don't let these unwelcome invaders compromise the hygiene of your environment.

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