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BactiBarrier Water Treatment Tablets

BactiBarrier Water Treatment Tablets

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Crystal Clear Confidence, Guaranteed: BactiBarrier Water Treatment Tablets - Clean Water, Throughout Your System

Experience the ultimate peace of mind with clean, healthy drinking water, delivered straight from your tank. BactiBarrier Water Treatment Tablets go beyond basic sanitation, tackling a wide range of contaminants to ensure a refreshing and safe drinking experience.

Here's why BactiBarrier Water Treatment Tablets are the ultimate water tank guardians:

  • Comprehensive Sanitation: Our powerful formula, powered by innovative NanoGas technology, eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, cysts, and even algae, leaving your water hygienically clean. But that's not all! BactiBarrier tablets also target and remove biofilms that can build up in your piping and pump network, ensuring a clean and healthy water distribution system.
  • Safe and Effective: The non-corrosive formula protects your water tank, pumps, and metal components while effectively eliminating harmful contaminants. Say goodbye to slime in your tank and hello to sparkling clean water!
  • Simple Weekly Treatment: Maintain a clean and healthy water supply with a convenient, one or two-tablet-a-week treatment schedule.
  • Works in Any Water (pH Independent): Unlike some treatments, BactiBarrier tablets utilize NanoGas technology. This gas-based formula is unaffected by water pH, working effectively in neutral, acidic, or alkaline water.

Crystal Clear Confidence: While BactiBarrier tablets excel at sanitation, for optimal clarity, your water should initially be clear of debris and visible impurities. For best results, use BactiBarrier tablets alongside a regular tank cleaning routine to ensure sparkling clean, healthy drinking water.

Don't settle for anything less than a complete clean! BactiBarrier Water Treatment Tablets offer a simple, effective, and safe solution for tackling harmful germs, algae, biofilms, and slime, not just in your water tank, but throughout your entire water distribution system.

BactiBarrier Water Treatment Tablets: Drink clean, confident, every time.


  • For tanks up to 2,500 liters, use one tablet.
  • For tanks ranging from 2,600 liters to 5,000 liters, use two tablets.
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Ditch the Doubt: BactiBarrier Keeps Your Tank Fresh (Weekly)

Easy to use, Just put the tablets into your water.